How To Force/Switch Off/Restart A Crashed/Frozen – Samsung Galaxy S3

How To Force/Switch Off/Restart A Crashed/Frozen - Samsung Galaxy S3

A video how to, tutorial, guide on how to restart a frozen/crashed Samsung Galaxy S III. For other quite valuable how to guides & tutorials pay a visit to: Web site: http…
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Samsung Galaxy S3 / SIII Ideas and Tricks covering, lockscreen customization, menu lag fix, window and menu transition velocity, palm cellphone to mute, Swype design …
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  1. mobilehowtocouk

    Sorry that you think that. We presume you searched for this video and watched it for a reason.

  2. This video is plain stupid.

  3. It would be worth trying a reset but you will loose any data stored on the phone.

  4. ThePinkCrazyGirl1

    PLEASE , HELP ME! I have the s3 since july , i didn t have problems. 2 days ago my phone froze , nothing was working and my only option was to remove the battery … now it’s turning off by itself and i don’t know what to do. i updated the software..nothing… the same thing. is turning off ..suddenly.. should i reset it ? please , help me! thank you !

  5. Look, I know that not everyone knows this stuff but none of it starts a Samsung Galaxy S3 that has truly crashed, which you incorrectly claim seldom happens. Once yours actually crashes and locks you out at the black and white start screen you might then go to the forums where thousands of people have been wrestling with the real problem: Samsung S3 Black Screen Death. Many have returned their phones to puzzled dealers for repair. I’ll be returning mine for a refund or a new phone. Thanks anyway

  6. You are entitled to your opinion but many do not know some of the things we demonstrate here. As you apparently know everything to do surely you should know what to do if none of the above has worked. Send it back to Sony.

  7. that’s a hell of a stupid video !! everybody knows how to do the stuff mentioned in the vid !! what a waste of time ! my stupid phone crashed and it just one start !! what the hell am i suppose to do :’((

  8. I KNEW I had to take the battery out… I just wanted to see if I had another option… :( This sucks… none of the other options work for my phone, I do wish I could find the reason why it crashed… thanks for the help though!

  9. Dude, you don’t know that. 

  10. Thanks for these helpful tips.

  11. I had tried to upload a photo to Facebook but it got stuck halfway through the process – I couldn’t work out how to cancel the upload but followed these instructions and hey presto, sorted. Thank you!

  12. dude this is common knowledge….

  13. Hi there – I am just trying to find out how to uninstall Picasa from my Gallery. It does not show up in my Apps file, so I cannot remove it there. I am so extremely frustrated with this, as it synched some odd photos apparently from FB or Gmail, etc., that I do not even recall looking at – they just appeared in this phone – and they are pictures that are really annoying to me. Please help – many thanks!

  14. 田馥甄。

  15. great tips  mate, please do more

  16. ibloxProductionz

    Never had an issue, did it like 2 days after I received my phone, really straightforward and you can restore it if things fuck up (look this up, although I haven’t ran into any issues)

  17. Circle Launcher. 

  18. Have all the problems with rooting and losing your IMEI been fixed though?

  19. Apparently it’s the local police ROFL

  20. And Jobs was an ass to a lot of people to get where he was, and um they said fuck the company, not the man.

  21. ROFL Apparently each time we were calling Batman, we were calling the police. I love this guy.

  22. azonde11, you are only, but just only a little sensitive

  23. TheDownloadPlanet

    Great homie!!

  24. @johanthon king you are a retard

  25. off*

  26. brilliant explanation

  27. may i please have batman’s number :P

  28. i just recently changed to samsung from apple and to be honest its the exact same bullshit

  29. Unfortunatelly TouchWiz doesn’t allow you to put shortcuts on lock screen. Just application launchers are allowed. If you want to have direct dial shortcut on lock screen you better use different locker. You can also use Shortcut Launcher app from Play Store.

  30. sometimes some off my games are lagging when im checking the highscore”with games i mean subway surfer:D/not a big problem,just courius if ant1 knows? :) nice video to!

  31. lmao

  32. Maximus Meridius

    8:07, how did he do that?

  33. Phone is great… this video sucks

  34. ROOT.

  35. Yeah, that doesn’t really work on mine…?

  36. ibloxProductionz

    Heres a tip, root the s3 and install android revolution HD, boosts performance like hell.

  37. Hi. When writing sms letter “i” is always capitalized no matter if i click small one.
    It doesn’t matter how I enter the letter “i” it is always capitalized!!! Is there a solution to this problem ?? Thx…
    Device: Samsung Galaxy S3

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