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ten of the funniest, perviest, dumbest, and strangest smartphone commercials
That lighthearted comical music, the atrocious overacting, the photogenic cast – observe Samsung smug it up as the S4 is the coolest phone at the celebration. Never thoughts the reality that most of the “features” shown off can be replicated on any telephone with the …
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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, Go Behind the Scenes with the the cast and crew
Often its very best to hear it straight from the supply, that's why people adore our interviews. Get to know the people that make the products and media that you really like. Pick a current interview on the left or click INTERVIEWS above for the entire checklist …
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Meet the guy who wants to give Dick Durbin a run for his money
Leading 7 political selfies [SLIDESHOW]. 2:39 PM 07/26/2013. Ranking the King Georges from best to worst [SLIDESHOW]. 4:32 PM 07/24/2013. From Ron Mexico to Carlos Danger: ten celebrity aliases [SLIDESHOW]. 8:50 PM 07/23/2013. Mamas, don't let your&nbsp…
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