How to Watch TV on Samsung Note 10.1 GT-N8000, GT-N8013

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4. tablet. The Note ten.1 attributes the Samsung S Pen, a Wacom energetic pen and digitizer plus a touch sc…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. you can go to google play and type  “” and you can find alot of tv apps. free

  2. Ruben Santiago

    i found it on Aptoide , it does not work in the United States it only works in the UK. at the Aptoide Market you Can get alot of the appsyou Have to pay for in google play for free check it out .

  3. Yes u can still use flash on this tablet

  4. It’s not in the google play store, or the samsung app store, any other way I can get it?

  5. No, I couldnt find it, I’m heart broken.

  6. Hi This tab GT-N8010 is working with Flash Player??? At the moment its NOT anymore Flash Player App in Google Play…so i can not watch live channels…which its the alternative? Thank you

  7. Weird cuz you live in the states wich mostly are the most apps availeble but you couldn’t find it?

  8. Dude, just type in TVCatchup or else it isin’t availeble 

  9. it is not available on my note 10.1 gt-n8000

  10. Im in the United States and I can’t find it in the play store, so I guess it won’t work for me.

  11. Nkansah Rexford

    Can I havea direct link to the app on play store.?
    I cant find it

  12. then no it will not work

  13. Spencer Rodrigues

    I am in the Denmark will it work there aswell…I could not get in on my Samsung S3

  14. cheers dude

  15. I am grateful for the info on tvcatch up, works great on the Note 2 and 10.1.
    BTW it also works over the 3g network on the Note 2 . And I am guessing with a wi fi only Note 10.1 you could use a smartphone as a hotspot or attach a dongle if you need to.
    I would not known any of this had you not posted this review, thank you :)

  16. Vince Pace DeMarco

    Thanks for replying. Would you further try ‘All Share’ app if it works for Web Browsing too apart sharing videos, music and photos? Connecting a Samsung tablet to a DLNA device (dongle only)? Thanks!

  17. yes dude it does

  18. some countries outside as some people have tested but not the usa i think

  19. Vince Pace DeMarco

    This only works in UK, right?

  20. Banim Goldberg

    the app was taken down where else can i get it???

  21. yes it does

  22. Atticus Morgan

    does it use wifi sir?

  23. i love this app… have it on my samsung galaxy S2 and my Google nexus 7… great app and good review fella

  24. Its UK only i guess?

  25. All the new technology news and reviews updated daily in one spot: /aBP5Of – see you there!



  28. samsung galaxy note 10.1 vs samsung galaxy tab 10.1…… Which is better??

  29. You remind me of Leslie Winkle off Big Bang Theory.

  30. Bharath Bodepudi

    bro, 10.1 is having a quad-core 1.4Ghz processor, but note 8 is having a dual-core 1.2Ghz processor…

  31. who do u think is better the ipad mini or note 10.1

  32. does anyone know that u can download templerun 2 and viber for free cus i would love to try them out some time.viceversa i love to watch movies and drot down notes and i like a bit of publishing plus i love to make videos and photos so would you reccomend this.
    etc if theres any one that isent on youtube but knows this answer just answer as soon as u see this lol

  33. Most likely later this year they will release an update on the 10.1 but with a better res screen.

  34. Anthony Teasley

    No, both the 10.1 and 8 have Android 4.1, and its associated features. Since this review, there have been several upgrades to the 10.1 that came out of the box on the 8. Personally I’d go with the 10.1 since it has faster processor and larger screen, thereby larger work space.

  35. Greta Van Susteren narrating?? lol

  36. So could you watch Netflix and surf the web with the side by side feature?

  37. There’s a rumor about galaxy note 3. It will come in october

  38. Does anyone know if Samsung is releasing a new tablet with a stylus anytime soon?

  39. I stack shelves at Walmart how is better 10.1 or 8 ??

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  41. which tablet has a usb drive?

  42. Is there any features on the note 8 that is not available on the note 10.1 and vice versa?

  43. now i am new to the tablet market and i would like to know if i should get a 10.1 or a Windows 8 tablet (not RT) or some other form of tablet what would you recommend?

  44. Is it possible to sync this tablet up to adobe cs6 and use it as a drawing tablet. so that your canvas is both on your tablet and on the computer at the same time?

  45. Hey lisa make a comparision between the note 10.1 & 8.0 please !!?

  46. lisa please how can i download 3d games like need for speed and gta, im in the caribbean and it always shows that the item is not available in my country, pls help me there any site i could go to and download games, i dont mind if i would pay for them.

  47. man I really want a galaxy tablet. but im not sure if i should get the Note 10.1 or the tab 2 10.1. ughhh

  48. which has better “note-taking” quality?

  49. 10.1- Dual multitask screen is more practical on the bigger screen.

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