Straight Talk mobile Internet & MMS For Samsung Galaxy Note

Settings to get your Web & MMS functioning on a Samsung Galaxy Note when you buy the Sim card From with the Unlimited Plan. Here’s the hyperlink…
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Galaxy Note on Straight Talk pt.2

Often asked queries that you could want to know about the note on straight speak. Come to feel cost-free to comment and subscribe….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Thanks, I’ll keep a note.

  2. hey everything works but when you change your apn type it disables your internet, you just have to leave it blank

  3. Hi, this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. Our apologies for what you have gone through. We can provide you the exact Access Point Name (APN) settings to enable the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) of your phone. Just send us an email at with your name, phone number or serial number. Thanks!

  4. 1blackops563876

    This guy is amazing subscribed

  5. Does anyone know the settings for an unlocked AT & T HTC Titan? I unlocked it b/c I needed it unlocked to travel internationally. I have had straight talk since Christmas 2012, but can’t receive or send MMS. However, the internet works great and I can also send and receive text messages. This has gotten old and I’m about to switch back. Phone is running Windows 7.5. and only has 5 boxes for the APN settings: name, password, apn, proxy server/URL and proxy port. Please help. Thanks.

  6. mtnhomelionsfan

    Everything works good but I cant receive MMS. I can only send. Any suggestions?

  7. Are you using an ATT compatible sim card from straighttalk?

  8. This is what says when I send email:

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:
    The recipient’s e-mail address was not found in the recipient’s e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.

  9. Hi foxfaxfix, this is Sara of Straight Talk. We apologize for the inconvenience you are going through right now. For us to further assist you, please send us your account information which includes your name, phone number, and the last 15 digits of your SIM card number. Email it to Thank you!

  10. What setting can I use for a HTC ONE X on straight talk? Im having problems Im not able to received or send pictures can you help me please.

  11. If you order the Sim Card for At&t phones, then no unlock is needed.

  12. itzthatvietguy

    APN type: should be for the S3 “default, supl, mss” but I couldn’t find out how to get mms to work yet.

  13. If its the AT&T branded galaxy note, then no unlock is needed. Just make sure you order the Sim Card that works for AT&T phones.

  14. Hello, I am planning to use Straight Talk in the near future, and my question is do I need to unlock the phone for it to work? I have the same Galaxy Note as you in the video.
    Thank you

  15. Try to Reboot the phone after you input the settings, also check to see if the DATA packet is checked. Find me on twitter @CLNmobile , maybe send a screen shot of the settings.

  16. Barbara McCormick

    I just got my Galaxy3 from AT&T I have a Straight Talk Sim Card in it anf I followed all of your steps and the internet still does not work. Could their be another option in the settings that need to be turned on or off to make it work. THANK’S

  17. Hey Sara, my buddy got my old ATT note 1 and just got the straight talk sim card installed, phone works but no text and internet, we entered the APN info and triple checked spelling and data input, rebooted many times and still no internet and text. What could be wrong?

  18. I haven’t tried a Net10 Sim Card, thus I can’t tell you if it needs to be unlocked.

  19. A galaxy note uses a Regular Sim Card.

  20. I have a NET10 sim card, will the device need to be unlocked or will it work like Straight Talk since they are sister companies

  21. What size sim card do i get the regular size sim

  22. MrL3X1TH3M0NK3Y

    how wud u pay for the phone though

  23. Hello Sara i purchased and added a new month of unlimited service to my phone but i still don’t have service even after 2 days. I tried switching the service to my old straight talk phone and then back to the one i use regularly. Not only did my old phone not get any service either but when i tried to switch back to my usual phone it asked for my SIM number. I entered my sim but it said it couldn’t process my transaction. PLEASE HELP!

  24. Hi MegaDimples12, this is Sara with Straight Talk. You need to use a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) SIM card for BYOP phones. You can use your Galaxy S III as long as it is an AT&T or T-Mobile compatible phone or it is an unlocked domestic GSM phone. For more questions, please send us an email at

  25. MrScubasteve01

    @megadimples12: you can use your s3. As long as its T-Mobile or AT&T. IT MUST take a sim card/GSM

  26. Can I use my straight talk sim card with the galaxys3

  27. MrScubasteve01

    @wetryyouwin: 4g does work. It wont be wimax fast, but fast enough. As far as mms, it will work automatically once the APN SETTINGS are put in.

  28. Since u did it on a ATT Note, is it 4g on straight talk? And onother thing, did u have to do any special settings and tricks to make the net and mms work? Or u just popped the Sim straight in and it all worked?

  29. MrScubasteve01

    @malik90848: I will. However, there are other videos out that show you that process.

  30. if you put your galaxy note 2 on straight talk can you make a video showing how it works. thanks if possible

  31. MrScubasteve01

    @jaynorrisjr: if you are using a T-Mobile phone on straight talk, you may have to flash a radio to get 4G

  32. Do u have to be rooted to get 4g

  33. MrScubasteve01

    @frd889: Make sure the APN settings are correct and if problems occur, have straight talk troubleshoot your mom device. Speeds should be better then.

  34. MrScubasteve01

    @frd889: are both rooted? If they are, you can apply a custom ROM which may tweak speeds.

  35. I have at&t note and got it unlocked. works fine on straight talk, however moms is very slow. I’m unable to update software as it wants to connect to at&t. any solutions?

  36. MrScubasteve01

    I left T-Mobile and paid a cancellation and it didn’t have any penalties.

  37. MrScubasteve01

    I wasn’t on contract when o got my note. I had a hd2 from T-Mobile. I had a T-Mobile plan, then got the note and went straight to straight talk with my note.

  38. n sorry for the dumb questions

  39. were u on contract wen u had ur note and how did u got out of it

  40. All you will need is the sim card and the APN settings…

  41. @fatkidsalldaykr: if its a AT&T phone, it doesn’t need to be unlocked. T-MOBILE phones that I have encountered needed to be unlocked.

  42. Or just put in the sim card

  43. Do I have to unlock it

  44. @fatkidsallday: As far as know, you may have to pay a cancellation fee from your provider. As far as straight talk, you can go to straight and order the sim. Its very easy and simple.

  45. Please respond cuz I hate paying a hundred dollars for my bill

  46. How can I get out of my att contract so I can go to straight talk

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