How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 For ANY Carrier! AT&T SGH-I337, T-mobile, I9500 & I9505

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 For ANY Carrier! AT&T SGH-I337, T-mobile, I9500 & I9505

Straightforward Guide How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S4 For ANY Carrier Including AT&T (SGH-I337), T-mobile, I9500 & I9505 Plus Much more! Works on 4.2.2 & Is a Everlasting…

This is how you can Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4 (i337, m919, i9500, i9505) so you can use it on other GSM Networks. You can get the 8 digit code here: http…
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  1. do it for free with the latest Unlocker 4.0 source. Don’t waste your money.

  2. how can we get the website? I want to unlocked my phone thanks

  3. gets you free a free unlock code and works for every carrier.. got mine in less than a day. Free is always better guys..

    • esse site fiz um pagamanto para unlock o meu telefone a mais de uma semana e nem resposta deram e fiquei sem o dinheiro

  4. What’s the cost for ATT

  5. Do you have information about international carriers? This will allow the phone to work with a GSM carrier in Brazil for example, correct?

  6. does it get bad esn ?????

  7. legit man, you got mine to me fast so thanks for that.

  8. Thanks for the unlock man ^_^ Peace!!!

  9. Hey i just let my girlfriend samilla bought her unlock, i hope it does work…

  10. OfficialPhoneRebel

    This is a permanent unlock, cannot be removed!

  11. hey i would like to know is this a permanent unlock or one time only ?? 

  12. Darshit Manvar

    Thanx this will help me make a decision on getting a used At&t S4 and save some money on T-Mobile SG4.

  13. OfficialPhoneRebel

    Sorry I don’t accept anything but paypal :/

  14. OfficialPhoneRebel

    Yes I have 4G LTE on my unlocked AT&T S4 and it performs EXACTLY like a T-mobile s4! You will not notice a difference if you put both side by side.

  15. OfficialPhoneRebel

    Sorry that is a CDMA S4 and will not work with this.

  16. OfficialPhoneRebel

    Yes you can however you will need to wait until you get access to a sim, borrow one from a friend if you have to. You cannot input the code until you get access to the sim!

  17. Darshit Manvar

    Does unlocked SG4 from AT&T to T-Mobile get 4G and how does it perform compared with T-Mobile SG4?

  18. how can i pay without paypal?

  19. Guys this guys service will take a while I payed for his 40 service saying that it would take up to 12 Hrs but it took 2 days

  20. I’m looking to unlock mine just for a higher resale value. I don’t have access to another sim card to another carrier, can I still unlock my S4 on ATT?

  21. Hi there i choose the past option for unlocking the s4 again im docomo SC-04E and my IMEI#356778050337881/01 please  reply needly badly i

  22. Cholo Luansing

    Hey, can I also unlock samsung galaxy s4 sprint using this?

  23. I did check my email every hour every minute but still no email from you its from japan

  24. OfficialPhoneRebel

    Check your email now!

  25. OfficialPhoneRebel

    Check your email now, I just sent out all the unlocks!

  26. how much does it cost?

  27. cellunlockernet

    There’s a clear video it unlocking the phone..

  28. Scam

  29. cellunlockernet

    great video!

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