Samsung Galaxy S3 Setup for Straight Talk

How to setup a Samsung Galaxy S III for Straight Talk Service. Covers transferring quantity, testing SIM activation. Also covers image messaging and information set…
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  1. why the fuck are you talking like an announcer at a football game?

  2. Carlos Hernandez

    Didn’t work for me…

  3. can this work for the galaxy 4??

  4. Knowthatcell Flash

    Yes have it cut

  5. Knowthatcell Flash

    Yes you can bring your own verizon phone!  Don’t mislead people.

  6. Knowthatcell Flash

    you need your apn settings! 

  7. Knowthatcell Flash

    It doesn’t have to be on any particular operating system. A profession can flash it no matter what android platform.

  8. Can you do uscellular sg3 on st.. The only thing I’m wondering is because it says excludes lte phones m why is this

  9. noeyecontactatall

    Can i take the Metropcs Galaxy s3 and transfer it to straight talk and still get hspa + networks…..

  10. Where do you get the micro sim they don’t have it any more!!! Or can you cut the sim?

  11. So does the straight talk galaxy s3 use Verizon or sprint?

  12. Anyone know how to move the pictures from your phones storage to the SD card?

  13. I was told twice from Straight Talk customer service that if I purchased the Straight Talk Samsung III from Wal-mart and called customer service they would be able to activate the phone on the “VERIZON” network and NOT the Sprint network for me.

  14. How

  15. Everyone you CAN use a VERIZON GS3 WITH STRIGHT TALK the phone has to be on android jellybean and up

  16. Wrong wrong wrong to the coment below I am on a verizon galazy s3 andriod 4.1.2 right now with strighg talk sim card that I took out of my iphone 4 and everything works fine but data I can call and text I just need to get data working

  17. @yonna54 Verizon phones don’t work with straight talk. The majority of Verizon phones use CDMA and not GSM. Even if the phone ran on GSM, straight talk doesn’t have sim cards for Verizon. They only have sim cards for T-Mobile and AT&T. There are straight talk phones that use Verizon towers but you can’t bring your own Verizon phone in and make it work with straight talk.

  18. If you a Verizon galaxy s3 & droid razr maxx what type of straight talk sim card do you need to buy?

  19. @ Sara, I currently have a sprint samsung galaxy s2. Is it possible to get it to work with straight talk? Thanks, Chris

  20. @SaraST8 I tried emailing the address you gave me and it says it’s not a valid recipient. I copy & pasted what you gave me.

  21. Hello! this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. We are sorry for the inconvenience that you’ve gone through. We would like to help you. Please send us your account information which includes your name, phone number and the phone’s serial number so we can get this done immediately. You may send it to Thank you.

  22. OfficialMizplaced

    i called straight talk and told them my situation and they gave me different settings to try which worked, so give em a call and let them know whats going on they should help you out

  23. Hi jessekahkate, this is Sara with Straight Talk. My apologies for what you’ve gone through. For you to be assisted properly, simply email us at with your phone number. Thanks.

  24. I’ve got that same problem. Let me know if you figured it out.

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