How to Tether Samsung Galaxy S3 to Laptop / PS3 / XBOX 360 Demo

How to Tether Samsung Galaxy S3 to Laptop / PS3 / XBOX 360 Demo

Tethering is when you connect your smartphone to a device like a laptop and use the mobile phones information connection to use the web on the laptop. We Get …

Xbox 360 Slim + Samsung Series 3 Laptop Unboxing


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  1. yes

  2. Can s2 do this

  3. lanabanana172000

    What do I do with the xbox please reply xx ?? Xx

  4. Hey man awesome videos i honestly love ur vids man there interesting and helful just one question how do I do this on the xbox 360 usb tethering form wat settings would I need on the xbox 360 and wat do I need to do step by step if u could please help I would really really appreciate.

  5. I watch a Lott of tv on my laptop so I got unlimited access on my contract from ee store, however when I connect it comes up Limited Access, they told me it would work for laptop but it’s really only for watching tv on mobile, unless you pay extra for about 1.5 GB a month which is nothing for the amount I use. I believe there’s a way of getting round it for unlimited internet tethering like a download or app. Any ideas ?

  6. Danilo Orbolato

    I did just like you sais and it got working in seconds! Thanks!

  7. joemark trujillo

    Dose it work for sprint gs3

  8. joemark trujillo

    Show how it works for Xbox 360

  9. tiffanycolston9

    Think you now it have xbox live

  10. @inam ghafoor I did the same process BUT i can’t use internet on my SIII, is it right that via tethering I can use internet on my SIII (once I connect with desktop)

  11. yeah you cant do that with U.S phones . that option it will take you to sprit. att . tmobile. hotspot which you have to pay for

  12. Thnx man, Gr8 help

  13. i connected mine but it was blocked by my network provider saying tethering is not what the plan you’re on. any help so continue using my network tru my lptp?

  14. Does this work on a computer?

  15. yes

  16. don;t think you can work it like that

  17. Just tell me this, is it free? Ease reply!!

  18. Ellefragilistic

    How do I do it the other way around? My laptop has wired internet, how to I use the USB to get internet on my phone from my laptop?

  19. HmongUnitedState

    You need to download samsung galaxy s 3 driver. You need to contact samsung support,click chat and ask for galaxy s 3 drivers.

  20. is tethering free?

  21. I couldn’t get the password cuz my country is not supported in the survey can someone please help me . well anyone. give me the password . I’ll be thankful 4ever

  22. Wilhelm Sandström

    For me it says it needs a password :o

  23. laptop uses windows XP and it didnt connect as in your video. according to the help on S3, it says i have to download a tethering xp.inf file on my laptop?? and what happens after?

  24. Jonathan Manning

    Hi. Great video. Can you use a Galaxy S3 as a tethered modem for a Galaxy Note 10.1 that doesn’t have a standard 3G connection? Thanks.

  25. i have a video coming for this

  26. do you have mw3 or black ops yet

  27. Great demo. In the demo you are tethering to use the phone’s wireless (G3/LTE) connection for the laptop.

    I want to use the phone’s wifi connection rather than the G3/LTE. Why you ask? When I travel my old thinkpad doesn’t like the wifi in some hotels, but my galaxy s3 works fine. I want to tether the thinkpad to the S3 via USB and access the hotel wifi through the Galaxy. Should the same technique work?

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